Photovoltaic Systems

SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. What is Photovoltaics?

Photovoltaic systems are solar energy systems that produce electricity directly from sunlight. Photovoltaic commercial solar power and residential solar power systems produce clean, reliable and affordable solar energy without consuming fossil fuels and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Providing reliability, durability, low maintenance cost, no fuel cost, reduced sound pollution, power independence, high altitude performance, and electrical grid decentralization.

Photovoltaic solar cells are connected to make modules. Modules are wired in series and or parallel to make an array. An array is sized to meet the electrical demand. Balance of systems (BOS) are related components like: an inverter, charge controller, and battery bank, that may or may not be needed depending on your system configurations. An inverter takes the DC current created by the array, transfers it into AC current (used by most appliances) and connects the array into the main circuit breaker. The main circuit breaker than passes the AC current throughout the existing circuits in the house or building for loads. Any overproduction of power that is not used in a day is transferred to the grid via the meter spinning backwards (grid-tie systems).


How Does it Work?



Solar cells in commercial and residential solar power systems are made of two semi-conducting layers. Both layers are mostly silicon “doped” with an impurity to help facilitate electron flow. One side is doped with boron, the positive (+) side; and the other is doped with phosphorus, the negative (-) side, creating the positive & negative (p-n) junction. When light hits the top layer, negative electrons move from one layer to the other. This creates a flow of electrons which can be used as a power source and is passed along the circuit to the home or building.

Solar cells are wired to make a module, often called a solar panel. Modules are then wired together to create an array and the desired watt production. A solar system installation array can be sized to meet residential, commercial, and utility scale electrical needs. The array produces DC current, which needs to be inverted to AC current to power everyday loads like: lights, electronics, and equipment.

Why is it Beneficial?

Every day, more people are turning to the sun as a reliable energy source — and so can you. The thousands of Californians who have already decided to “go solar” know that powering their home or business with California solar energy is easy, and reaping the benefits even easier. Why “go solar”?

  • California receives an abundant supply of energy from the sun
  • Affordable solar energy puts the power to supply your electricity needs directly in your hands.
  • Harnessing the power of the sun can help lower your electric bill.
  • Tax credits and incentives can help lower your out-of-pocket costs
  • You can reduce your annual operating costs and increase your property’s value.
  • Real estate appraisers estimate that every $1,000 of annual electric bill savings from residential solar power systems increases a home’s average resale value by $20,000.
  • Utilizing solar energy in California improves air quality by generating clean, green electricity free from harmful emissions, and it helps ease demand on the power grid.

It’s up to all of us to leave a legacy of clean energy for future generations. Together we can make a difference.


List of Solar Incentive Programs:

Moreno Valley 

Extra $1.75 per watt rebate!


.96 per watt Rebate!


.75 per watt Rebate!

Incentives also available in Rancho Cucamonga, Banning and Colton.

Call SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. at 877-767-5967 today if you live or know someone in these cities!


So Cal Solar

Solar power cells convert sunlight into electricity. That means you are no longer paying for electricity….the solar power cells do it for you!

Joe H. Pinon Hills, CA

SoCal Solar is a fantastic company! From the start of my project to the end everyone was nice and easy to work with. Office staff was always available to answer our questions and kept us apprised of the status of our solar project. Field staff were just as courteous and polite. While they worked on our project at the end of each day they always cleaned and stored all materials and scraps so my yard never looked like a construction site. During the construction phase we had a large family get together and the staff was more than happy to work with our requests and schedule so that we didn't have anything that our kids could hurt themselves on or damage while playing out back during the party.
All in all I have to say I was very please with my dealings. The best part is not having a huge electric bill any longer. My bill use to range from $250 on up every month. Since going live with my solar system my largest bill has been $.99 cents and some months I actually have a negative bill! There is nothing better then watching your meter spin backward.

Lars H. Apple Valley, CA

We were skeptical of solar for quite a while until my wife and I visited the home show 3 years ago. We spoke with Erik, one of your sales associates at the time. He was so patient and explained everything. We had him pay a visit to our home and developed a proposal. After some negoatiation, we signed a contract. I am extremely particular when it comes to contractors and let aerial know that from the beginning. The installers were always on time, their work was impeccable and precise. Our summer month Edison bills were running from $400 to $ 700. We now pay $180 for our lease and are very pleased with our 32 panel system. I would highly recommend SoCal Solar for your solar needs.
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Fred N. Placentia, CA

Before we deceid toask them our work, we have checked sevral company! We have dirved around near by area and actually talked to all the solar owners. Among them, ScCal Solar was the best one. After contacting them for quote, everyone works well on eplained to us what they will do, and all the cost, all the possiblities. We are very happy with SoCal Solar. We would recommend them.

Frank G. Buena Park, CA

I had Socal Solar Energy install a solar system on my home in 2011. My energy bills were averaging 300 per month. I shopped around and checked out all the solar installers I could find. I picked Socal Solar Energy to purchase my system. What a great choice that was. The installers were great and put up with me watching the installation. They did a great job of installing the system and getting me up and running The price they originally gave me was the price I paid. No hidden fees or changes during installation. Lisa was always there to answer my questions. Felipe who managed and performed my installation kept me at ease and informed during the process.
My electrical needs are covered 100% by my solar system. No more 300 dollar a month bills!
I am very picky on who works on my home and what kind of quality job they perform. I was very happy with Socal Solar Energy and would recommend them to anyone looking to get solar.
Thanks again Socal Solar Energy for a job well done.

Lora G. Apple Valley

I love my solar, SoCal did THE best job putting it in. My husband was so worried about our roof tiles, we thought they would crack. They did a very professional job. The answer every single question we had, they emailed and followed through on all proper documentation. Thank you again! We love not having an electric bill!

Ed and Susan Moyle, Hesperia

Thank you so much for our new solar system. We are so pleased with everything your company has done to make it possible. From your salesmen to your installers we had a great experience and we will actually miss everyone now that it is all done. My husband loves the monitoring system so he can keep track of how it is working on a daily basis. It was very nice working with a local business.
We know your business will do well because of rising electrical costs and because everyone at your company wants it to be a great experience. It is important that we all do what we can to save energy. Thank you again,

Kent T., Oak Hills

From the sales presentation to flipping the switch we experienced a pleasurable installation of our new solar system. The sales staff created a sanguine feeling that made us confident that we chose the right company to partner with. Anytime we checked on the progress of the installation the staff graciously stopped what they were doing to explain or answer any questions we had. If I wanted to have a solar investment installed again, I would choose SoCal Solar Energy in a heartbeat. I am not only enthusiastic of solar power but also a fan of SoCal Solar Energy.

Terry G.

Yelp Review

We had our solar panels installed in July of 2013. Absolutely every part of this process with SoCal Solar was pleasant and the crew that came out to complete the job was the BEST crew that we have dealt with from start to finish! We would not hesitate to recommend SoCal Solar to anyone looking to install solar. Every question was always answered, the job was completed in a very professional manner and the guys even went above and beyond fixing a small retainer wall that needed some repair. We really couldn't say enough about the integrity of this company!

Scott F.

The installed my house May 2011, came back and added 3 more panels later. Great great great

George C.

Our electric bill was averaging $300 per month without air conditioning. That's $3600 a year just for electric! Every year it kept going up and up by at least 6 to 8 percent. We had to do something. So, I called 5 different solar companies to come out and give us a bid. Socal Solar Energy was the only one that had panels made in the USA. We liked that a lot. They were very knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and got the job done on time. And... they stuck to the bid, no hidden costs. They took care of everything too, permits, materials, rebates, etc. You can't ask for anything better than that.

Pete G.

From start to finish the team at Socal Solar Energy was focused on ensuring we were completely satisfied with our system and the work that was done. We have even reached out to them a few times since installation with questions about the system and they provide prompt and accurate responses for us. We have recommended Socal to our neighbors who are currently looking at an install.

Tony M.

We had SoCal Solar install our 8kw system back in the Fall of 2012 From start to finish, they did an excellent job Whether it was the permits, inspections or installation, they handled it all with ease
Afterwards they were also available to get the web viewing app operational. We could not be happier with their customer service or our system

Joe H.

SoCal Solar is a fantastic company! From the start of my project to the end everyone was nice and easy to work with. Office staff was always available to answer our questions and kept us apprised of the status of our solar project. Field staff were just as courteous and polite. My bill use to range from $250 on up every month. Since going live with my solar system my largest bill has been $.99 cents and some months I actually have a negative bill! There is nothing better then watching your meter spin backward.


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